Marbella is a privileged place for fishing due to its proximity to the Strait of Gibraltar and the marine currents that come from there. These currents constantly nourish the coast of Málaga to feed all kinds of fish.

We organise both bottom fishing trips for half a day to “La Bóveda”, as well as deep sea fishing trips in the Strait of Gibraltar.

We offer you the opportunity to practice fishing for bluefin tuna and other species such as melva, bonito or "listaos" in the area of the Strait of Gibraltar with the best equipment and crew who will advise you at all times.

Sport Fishing Boats


Bottom fishing is the most practiced sport fishing modality in Marbella, which consists of casting and collecting artificial lures at different speeds and depths, to provoke the fish to bite.

Some of the most common fish species in Marbella's waters for bottom fishing are: bream, sea bream, forkbeard, poplar, snapper, conger, gilthead bream, sea bass, grouper, etc.

There are several points along the coast of Marbella where you can practice bottom fishing, the most popular being "La Bóveda", a reef located 3 miles from Puerto Banús, where there is a great variety of species.

Bottom Fishing in Puerto Banús


Deep sea fishing or "trolling" is a fishing method based on towing the gear from a moving boat.

In trolling fishing, artificial, colourful and articulated baits are usually used to make them attractive to fish, so that they perfectly simulate the way a small fish swims, thinking that it is fresh food.

This type of fishing is usually aimed at predatory fish such as bluefin tuna, swordfish, fox fish, mackerel, bonito or "listaos", etc.

Deep Sea Fishing in Puerto Banús