Among all the most popular attractions to do in the city of Marbella is the dolphin watching in the sea.

It is important to clarify, that we don't do specific tours to see dolphins on the coast. This is due to the wild nature of these mammals and that they move constantly in a very wide region, it is not possible to guarantee to always be able to find them, but our crew does their best to see them.

Seeing dolphins is a show for the whole family, especially for children!

bottlenose dolphins close to Marbella bay


What we really do is, during the boat trip along the coast of Marbella, we sometimes find these friendly mammals near the bay, being quite frequent during the summer months and on days when the sea is calm, without waves or wind.

Dolphins are usually seen throughout the day, although more frequently during the early morning, when they come from the Strait of Gibraltar to feed near the beach.

The rest of the day, they are scattered in herds of 20 to 50 specimens all along the coast.

group of dolphins and family enjoying the show


Dolphins, when swimming in herds, are very sociable animals and like to play in the wake of boats by following them during the trip for long periods.

The dolphins that visit us on our coasts are usually bottlenose dolphins, a very common species in our Mediterranean Sea.

If you want to do something different with the family and want to try your luck at seeing dolphins, contact us to organise your boat trip.

children like dolphins